Impact of American Movies On Our Lives

Providing thorough entertainment, movies are a source of indulging us in an imaginary world. At times, the movies are so enticing that we start believing in being a part of that movie. With work load and stress, life can get worked up, watching a good movie will help a person relax his mind by releasing emotional stress. A good entertaining movie will help you laugh and that can be a high stress reliever. Watching a good movie also revitalizes the mind to perform a stressful work in the future.

With over 2,577 movies roughly produced each year, movies are a very prominent part of entertainment industry. Movies are watched by individuals irrespective of their age, apart from the children under 18, for which parental guidance is required in some cases. Though movies are created for all watchers, there are movies created that are gender specific. For example, action and thriller movies are made predominantly for males. While romantic and drama movies are preferred by women. Genres of comedy, horror and suspense are watched by both the genders equally.

Animated movies though created fundamentally for children are one of the best kinds for all age group. These movies showcase an imaginary world and teach us lessons about love, morals and relationships. The movies help us understand and realize minor things in life that we shouldn’t overlook.

Not only do movies teach us about humanitarian values. They also provide us knowledge on diversified subjects of culture, science, history, politics, technological advancements and so much more. The sci-fi movies help us glimpse into the future providing the amazing visual effects with 3D technology. We are also able to understand different environments and work culture and historical geographies of different countries.

Movies made on biographies helps us know the lives of legends and learn from their struggles, during their journey of success. Such movies inspire us to be at our best. It delivers hope and a new set of determination in fighting for our goals. Film industry is loaded with such inspirational movies that it uplift our spirits when we are passing through a tough phase of our life, whether it’s instability of love, health or financial.

It is difficult to ignore the fact that American movies are also responsible for establishing false notion on several aspects. Showcasing perfect body image and portraying flawless characters give rise to unrealistic expectations. Movies give rise to violence as well, however, It’s through the movies that we have learned that good guys always wins in the end.

Movies Miami Style: Films Set in the Magic City

Miami might not be like Los Angeles or New York, cities where movies are continuously being shot around every corner. But, Miami has certainly had its fair share of filming. Maybe it was chosen because of the movie’s plot and maybe it was chosen because of its location (it hard to shoot a beach scene in Nebraska). Whatever the reason, Miami’s presence in the cinema has left other Florida cities to approach, and shyly ask for an autograph. The following is a short list of Miami born movie moments:

From Justin to Kelly: How Miami outbid every other city in America for rites to this film is beyond me. Seriously, the bidding war for this must have been up there with bidding on the Olympics or the Super Bowl. A movie featuring American Idol’s first winner and runner-up, From Justin to Kelly was enough to make anyone go from nausea to vomiting. Yes, it was seriously that bad. I would provide a lengthy discussion of the plot, but there really wasn’t one. Suffice it to say that the story line involved little more than singing, and flapping of limbs to the same choreographed routine….though, in one scene, they did dance with towels. That, in a word, was magical.

There’s Something About Mary: One of the funniest movies to ever hit the screen, this film featured Cameron Diaz as Mary, a girl who men were willing to go to great lengths to impress. These great lengths included stalking, spying, impersonating and donning a fake British accent. Ben Stiller plays Ted, a clumsy but likeable man in love with Mary; a man who wants to impress her but comes across as a little less psychotic than the rest of the fellows. A definite sleeper hit, this movie had unforgettable scenes, with laugh out loud moments. It also made us look forever differently at hair gel.

Scarface: At one time during the 1980s, nearly every teenage boy had a poster of this movie on their bedroom wall. It is a tale about Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, who comes to Florida as a Cuban refugee. After becoming a gangster, as a result of the 1980s cocaine boom, he rises to the top of Miami’s organized crime world, only to fall back down. Originally released to little enthusiasm, Scarface has since become a cult classic and one of the most recognized movies ever made; it has forever left movie fans considering it one of their little friends.

Bad Boyz: The movie that left us all wondering what “you gonna do when they come for you,” Bad Boyz features Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as two detectives on the Miami police force. After 120 million dollars in drugs are stolen, the two detectives are given the option of getting the drugs back or losing their jobs. They fight and squabble with each other, but their mutual love is also genuine, leading this duo to be compared to those of Lethal Weapon and Starsky and Hutch. Though this movie is far fetched – as police dramas often are – it is entertaining, fast-paced, and the action is hard to pass up. This movie led to a sequel, which was also shot in Miami.

Any Given Sunday: One of the more action-packed football films, Any Given Sunday includes a star-studded cast of both actors and professional athletes. With a portion of the movie filmed in Miami, the Orange Bowl Stadium was disguised as home turf for a fictitious football team, the Miami Sharks. Al Pacino plays an intense coach while Cameron Diaz plays an owner, and a not very nice one at that. The football movie greatly differs from heartwarming ones like Rudy or The Replacements. Instead, it shows the inner workings and politics involved with running a professional team.

TV Sitcom Characters Who Take Up Skydiving

Coming home from spring break, we passed by a skydiving venue off I-75 near Tampa. It appeared an attractive place and, as we looked on from the expressway, my passenger felt tempted to give it a try.

No matter how enticing the place was, I wanted no part of it. Having been terrified of heights since my childhood, I drove right past it.

The rest of the way home I pondered the art of skydiving, recalling television shows in which a character undertakes that hobby. Here is the list we came up with, which features classic sitcoms as well as modern series.

Howard Sprague on Mayberry, RFD

The milquetoast (played by Jack Dodson) of North Carolina’s most famous fictional town pretended to like skydiving, only because his girlfriend found it an enjoyable hobby.

Bud Bundy on Married With Children

Al and Peg’s only son (played by David Faustino) found himself up in a plane with a girl, hoping to impress her with his courage.

Marge Simpson on The Simpsons

To break herself out of a rut, Homer’s wife decides to experience the feeling of free falling through the air.

Woody, Norm and Cliff on Cheers

On the episode titled “Jumping Jerks” the three pals make a pact to disembark with parachutes.

Peggy Hill on King of The Hill

“The Decline and Fall” episode has Hank’s wife taking up the hobby of skydiving, something the propane salesman never tried.

Drake Bell and Josh Peck on Drake and Josh

The guitar playing step brother boards a helicopter from which to leap, causing the more sensible Josh to climb on in hopes of talking him out of it.

Jesse Katsopolis on Full House

Before his wedding, Mary Kate and Ashley’s favorite uncle (played by John Stamos) decides to take a literal plunge. He landed in a tree and ended up riding home in a tomato truck, only to show up late for the ceremony.

Peter Griffin on Family Guy

“Turban Cowboy” is the episode where Peter, Quagmire and Joe all go skydiving to break up their boring lives. Peter finds the activity so invigorating that he keeps jumping until a landing on the Eiffel Tower sends him to the hospital, where he is almost persuaded to convert to Islam.

Carly, Spencer, Freddie, and Sam on iCarly

After being invited to accept an award in Japan, the gang ends up having to sky dive into Tokyo in an episode titled “IGo to Japan.”