Peekvid TV Shows Dexter a Good Time Party

Are you a fan of the new hit Showtime series, “Dexter?” I sure am and if you missed the

13th episode, don’t worry, Peekvid TV has got you covered in blood. If you like a good

mystery and a great guy who plays a serial killer, then you will be drawn into the dark

world of Dexter. He is a serial killer with more twists and turns then trying to find what

your looking for in Google.

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Dexter uses whatever means necessary to kill off the psychos, who slip through the

cracks of the law system. Fortunately, Dexter has the dream job of being a blood

spatter forensic expert. He uses his dark cutting edge skill to catch and, with his

serial killer instincts, kill the monsters of society. Just the kind of guy you want

living on the block in New York City for a good time party.

Unlike all the other shows on TV, that focus on catching serials killers(CSI/Criminal Minds),

you get a chance to look at the world as Dexter sees it. You get a chance to take revenge

on the serial killers, through the dark eyes of Dexter. The filming of the show is well-done

like a steak at the Outback. I sincerely believe that Dexter will keep Showtime looking

bloody good and it is about time.

If you want a show where you say, “Wow! I should have thought of that!”, then Dexter is a

real artistic piece of work, who pulls at your heart strings. One scene shows Dexter

like he is at a good time party! He is dreaming about all the people cheering him on for killing

all the low lifes of society. As he is walking through the crowd, there is confetti flying

everywhere, now that is what I call a good time party!

FACT: Confetti really does enhance the gaiety of a festive event or parade.

Peekvid TV has the Dexter episode where he finds out his brother is also a serial killer.

There is only one problem for dear old Dexter, his brother is a serial killer, who wants

Dexter to kill for the joy of the kill. He does not follow the same code of killing that

Dexter does. He tries to bring Dexter over to his world and he lovingly says, “you will

be free Dexter.” While he is teaching Dexter to be free, Dexter’s sister is tied down in

saran wrap on a cold steel table. Will this loving family work out their deep-seated

issues? Will Hillary Clinton be the next President of the United States? If you have

some time to “kill”, then run on over to Dexter’s place and bring some hot sauce!

Why Spanish-Language TV Will Be Around for a Long Time to Come

When Susana Rivera-Mills phoned relatives back in El Salvador from California, one of the frequent topics of conversation that straddled the bicultural divide was the telenovela airing on TV in both places. “It was a way of connecting, of shortening that distance,” says Rivera-Mills, a professor of Spanish linguistics at Oregon State University. “It’s one of those traditions that are passed on.”

Spanish-language television has flourished well beyond its beginnings half a century ago as an ethnic niche medium to become one of the biggest media markets in the United States, driven by the growing Latino population as well as its content.

Univisión, which launched in 1962 as Spanish International Network, now ranks as the fifth largest U.S. broadcast network, and its primetime ratings routinely best those of the four bigger mainstream networks. A host of smaller players provide local and national broadcast programming, plus pay TV channels offering sports, news and movies, all in Spanish 24/7. Most have launched since 2000.

Behind that juggernaut growth undoubtedly lies the sheer heft of the U.S. Hispanic population – around 54 million or about 17 percent of the U.S. population, fuelled by four decades of immigration waves from Latin America, chiefly Mexico.

The fact that Spanish is spoken across an entire region contributes to Hispanic TV’s clout compared to other ethnic media, which tend to remain small niche outlets serving immigrants from one country, says Mark Hugo López, director of Hispanic research at the Pew Research Center. The growth of Asian immigration has eclipsed that of Latin Americans since 2010, but Asian media is unlikely to ever have the presence of Hispanic media since each Asian country has its own language, thus creating a fragmented media market.

But a deeper part of Hispanic TV’s story relates to the roles that the language of Spanish and television plays in Latino households.

Unlike other immigrant groups, Latin American immigrants tend to retain their home language through generations, driving use of Spanish media.

Research by the Pew Hispanic Trends Project shows that from 1980 to 2010, the percentage of Hispanic households that spoke Spanish remained consistently at about 75 percent, while the number of Italian, German and Polish speakers dropped by 55 percent, 33 percent and 26 percent, respectively, over the same period although the number of people claiming that ancestry rose.

“We’re still at the beginning of this Hispanic immigration wave, which really started in the 70s and 80s, so we don’t know how it’s going to be 100 years out, as with the Italians and Germans, but there’s a real emphasis on maintaining Spanish and connecting to their home country,” says López.

Younger Latinos may be English-dominant, but due to the Hispanic culture’s tradition of close family ties, they often grow up around extended family who tune into programming like “Sábado Gigante” and novelas. Hispanic TV becomes part of the comfort of “home” for younger generations, as well as reinforces their learning of Spanish.

“They see their moms crying to the soap operas. There’s an emotional attachment,” says Felipe Korzenny, founder and director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University.

Content is a key sustaining element of Hispanic TV. Spanish-language TV offers current events from around Latin America and U.S. topics of interest to Hispanics, such as immigration reform, as well as sports popular among Latinos, like soccer and boxing. Entertainment shows feature Hispanic celebrities and performers. “They offer a lot of programming you can’t get elsewhere,” says Robert Thompson, professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University.

Hispanic television also has a wealth of readily available programming to tap. Mexico, with a long history of cinematic production, is a major source of movies and TV shows. Programs are also imported from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and other countries. This programming offers “cultural compatibility” for the U.S. Latinos, particularly the foreign born, Korzenny says.

That compatibility isn’t always offered on mainstream TV even when Hispanics are featured. ABC megahit “Modern Family,” which stars Colombia’s Sofía Vergara as a fiery, sexy bombshell with an accent, is the top rated English-language show for Hispanics, but its Hispanic ratings pale in comparison to Univisión’s soap operas – 1.1 million Latinos watch “Modern Family,” 3.6 million watch the telenovela, according to Advertising Age’s 11th Annual Hispanic Facts Pack issued in 2014.

“Sofía Vergara is funny to non-Hispanics because she’s a stereotype,” says Linda González, chair of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies. “She’s not so funny for Hispanics.”

Latin American programming, with its melodramatic rags-to-riches novela plots, isn’t always relevant to Hispanics’ lives in the United States, either. Telemundo, the No. 2 Spanish-language broadcaster owned by NBCUniversal, produces novelas and other shows that incorporate themes important to U.S. Latinos, including college education, diabetes prevention, and Census participation. That has created an additional avenue of Hispanic-specific programming not available on mainstream TV.

“We see time and again that it is a not some sort of life-stage choice to give up Spanish-language TV and move to English-language TV for good,” said Mike Rosen, NBCUniversal’s executive vice president of advertising sales for news and Hispanic groups, in a statement. “It is quite the opposite, a choice made every time the viewer picks up the remote, seeking the best, most relevant and engaging storytelling, event or sports programming, without language as a limitation. And we also see time and again that when we put great content on the screen, Hispanics across all language fluencies and generations will tune in, from Spanish only to bilingual. The key is to program and produce content that is relevant to today’s U.S. Hispanic, and they will come.”

Part of that includes adapting mainstream TV programs popular with Hispanics for Spanish-language, such as NBC’s “The Voice” with “La Voz Kids” on Telemundo, and making edgier, character-driven telenovelas and shows that continue for several seasons, Rosen notes.

Although several outlets focusing on providing Hispanic-themed TV in English have launched in recent years, Spanish-language TV shows no signs of slowing. In 2009, Liberman Broadcasting launched Estrella TV, a national network. In 2012, Fox ramped up Noticias Mundo Fox, a news channel.

“The Spanish-speaking population is projected to continue to grow at least through 2020, probably to 2030, and maybe further,” López says. “Spanish-language media will continue to be on a growth trajectory for the foreseeable future.”

Top Ten Coolest Security Guard Movies

For as long as we can remember, films that feature bumbling, hapless or larger-than-life security guards, or protective dynamic duos, have been a fun, important part of cinematic history. Here is a list of classic bodyguard movies, or movies with super-strength security stars that we simply can’t forget.

1. Armed and Dangerous: John Candy and Eugene Levy team up and make cinematic history in this brilliant buddy comedy; the bumbling duo play a recently fired cop and amoral lawyer who suit up as security guards, only to find that they’ve unwittingly become members of a corrupt company.

2. The Bodyguard: Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston sizzle on the big screen as a former Secret Service agent acting as bodyguard to a mainstream pop singer. The film’s epic soundtrack continues to be one of the best-selling albums of all time.

3. National Security: Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn as Earl and Hank, respectively; two guards from different walks of life that have one thing in common: the security company they work for. Their history of hating each other stems from Earl’s key role in Hank’s dismissal from the police force. This odd couple doesn’t disappoint in the laughs department.

4. Observe & Report: This dark comedy features Seth Rogen as Ronnie Barnhardt, a depressed, on-the-brink guard who is head of the security department at Forest Ridge Mall. When he fails to get into the police force and is belittled by the officer taking over his operations, he embarks on a dual mission of madness: to prove himself and catch the elusive mall flasher, Ronnie’s arch enemy and ultimate target.

5. In the Line of Fire: Clint Eastwood as Frank Horrigan, a Secret Service agent to the President. Frank famously dropped the ball when it came to saving President Kennedy, but did put himself on the front lines to take out a crafty assassin who is targeting his current client.

6. Paul Blart:Mall Cop: Kevin James holds it down as Paul Blart, who dreams of being an officer for the New Jersey State Police. However, his ample size doesn’t help his chances of being a powerhouse cop, so he has to make do with being a security guard at his local mall. Heartwarming and hilarious, this is a great film for the whole family.

7. The Pacifier: Vin Diesel as tough guy Shane Wolfe, a disgraced US Navy SEAL assigned to work as a bodyguard protecting five rebellious kids. He may soon be the one needing protecting, as he learns the hard way that nannying is no joke.

8. Night at The Museum: Larry Daley is a night guard at New York’s American Museum of Natural History in. Upon beginning his shift, he’s instructed not to let anything “in or out.” He soon comes to realize the significance of this creepy warning: The Museum comes to life at night, kicking off a bone-tingling phenomenon that delighted movie-goers of all ages.

9. Guarding Tess: Nicholas Cage as Doug Chesnic, a Secret Service agent protecting Jessica Tandy’s Tess Carlisle, the widow of a former US President. Though he holds great pride in his prestigious job, the fiesty First Lady tests his limits by treating him like a lowly servant. Have your hankie ready for this endearing tear-jerker.

10. Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as the ultimate larger-than-life robo-guard, a well-muscled force from the future on a mission to protect teenager John Connor. Nothing says big-screen fun like another deadly Terminator!